Clatskanie School Board

Responsibilities of the Board

The Clatskanie School Board is responsible for providing a quality educational program for approximately 700 students. The board's main job is to establish District policy. Board members serve four-year terms without pay. The Board hires the Superintendent, who is responsible to carry out Board policies, provide educational leadership and manage the District's budget and staff.


The Superintendent administers the district’s programs and operations in accordance with the policies and guidelines established by the school board and the State of Oregon. The Superintendent works directly with district administrative staff to manage the district. Building Principals are responsible to the Superintendent for the administration of each school’s education programs and operations.


Public Participation

School Board Meeting

Community members, staff members, and students may submit public comment either in person at the school board meeting or via written comment.

CSD Written Board Meeting Public Comment

Written comments are accepted by online form submission from 12 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the board meeting and 12 p.m. the day of the board meeting. You can access the written public comment form here.

Comments are limited to 1,000 characters. Only one comment per person.

The Board will not hear charges or complaints against any district employee. District staff and board members cannot be named specifically in testimony.

CSD Board Meeting Public Comment Sign Up

Community members, staff members, and students may offer in person public comments virtually or onsite at board meetings. There is an option to sign-up before the school meeting via online form submission from 12 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the board meeting and 12 p.m. the day of the board meeting or in-person speakers may sign up for public comment at the School Board Meeting. You can access the public sign up form here.

This is the time for citizens to address the board. All speakers should state their name prior to speaking. Speakers are asked to write their name, address, phone number and topic to be addressed on the registration card or online form. Speaking time is limited to three minutes per speaker. Speakers may offer objective criticism of district operations and programs, but the Board will not hear any complaints concerning specific District Personnel. The Chair will direct the visitor to the appropriate means for Board consideration and disposition of legitimate complaints involving individuals. The right to address the Board does not exempt the speaker from potential liability for defamation.

Other Ways to Contact the School Board

To get in touch with any Director, you may contact him/her directly or call School Board Secretary Shannon Emerson at 503-728-0587 x2003

Mailing Address for the Board:
Clatskanie School Board
Clatskanie School District 6J
PO BOX 678
Clatskanie, OR 97016