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About Clatskanie

Clatskanie is nestled in a valley of the pacific coastal mountain range. The Clatskanie River flows into the mighty Columbia within the city limits of this picturesque and quaint inland town. The scenic, wild areas beckon sportsmen with abundant herds of elk and deer, and fishermen have close access to the Columbia and other rivers and streems full of salmon, steelhead, and trout. A mild winter climate and warm summers add to the enjoyment of living in Clatskanie.

The city of Clatskanie got its name from the Klatsknaie (Tlaskanie) Indians, cousins to the Chinook. There are no surviving Native members. The city proper is 3.1 square miles with a much larger outlying area. Approximately 1500 people reside in the city. Many residents of Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish descent can trace their heritage back several generations. Clatskanie is approximately 1 hour away from Portland to the east and 1 hour away from the Pacific ocean to the west.

You are welcome in Clatskanie.

District Office: 471 SW Bel Air Dr. Clatskanie, OR.  Directions to Clatskanie School District Office