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All students will graduate, with the essential skills to attend a post-secondary education program of their choice, be able to compete in a global economy, and to become a productive, contributing asset in the workforce and their community.

We will provide a challenging curriculum
and activities in a safe, nurturing environment where all are motivated to achieve their potential.

                                                                     BELIEF STATEMENT                                                                            All students can learn. All students progress through the curriculum differently, according to their ability, as individual learning needs require.  The level of individual achievement, not age, determines this progression. If we stage what is essential, do what is essential, measure what is essential, we will accomplish what is essential.


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Enrollment Roundup

 Clatskanie Elementary School

2014-2015 Kindergarten Registration

Children who will be 5 years of age by September 1, 2014, qualify for kindergarten. 

Please call our office 503-728-2191, ext.2402, or stop by CES to start enrollment.
We have scheduled our Registration Round Up for Wednesday, April 23, 2014.  

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Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to Clatskanie Schools.   I am appreciative of the warm welcome I have received since joining this community and look forward to working with you in educating the youth of our community.  To that end, the school board adopted the following goals for the school year.  These goals were developed from data derived from a staff survey discussing the strengths and opportunities for growth in the district, as well as public report card data concerning student achievement scores.  The framework for the goals are based off of the book District Leadership that Works by Marzano and Waters (2009) that shows school districts that focus on achievement and instruction increase student opportunities to learn and grow.  The goals also reflect the professional abilities of the staff to decide how to implement and work toward the goals, while providing a structure for the staff to work within.  Some of these goals are already in place and need some refining, others will build off of our successes to provide more focus and clarity towards our systems of educating our students.  I will work with the staff to create an Implementation Plan to achieve the goals set by the board.  I would like to once again thank the community for the welcome our family has received and your continued support of the Clatskanie School District.  I would also like to invite you to contact me at any time at 503-728-0587 or email at  I am looking forward to meeting more students and having an exciting and productive school year.


Lloyd Hartley

Superintendent/Elementary Principal

Clatskanie School District

Clatskanie School District Goals for 2013-2014