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School Information Documentation

Folder Board Member/Budget Committee Application (3 Files)
pdf file Board Member Application
pdf file Board Member Info Pamphlet
pdf file Budget Committee Application
Folder Clatskanie Education Association Union Contract (1 Files)
pdf file 17-19 CEA Union Contract
Folder CSD Adopted Budget (2 Files)
pdf file 16-17 CSD ADOPTED BUDGET
pdf file 18-19 CSD Adopted Budget
Folder Division 22 Standards (1 Files)
pdf file 18-19 Division 22 Report
Folder Parent Notice Right to Request Teacher Qualifications (1 Files)
pdf file 2017_2018_Annual_Parent_Notice_Right_to_Request_Teacher_Qualifications.pdf
Folder School Calendar (3 Files)
pdf file 17-18 School Calendar
pdf file 18-19 School Calendar
pdf file 19-20 School Calendar
Folder Oregon School Employee Association Contract (1 Files)
pdf file OSEA Contract
Folder Board Calendar (3 Files)
pdf file 17-18 Board Calendar
pdf file 18-19 Board Calendar
pdf file 18-19 Revised Board Calendar
Folder Board/Superintendent Operating Agreement (2 Files)
pdf file 18-19 Supt/Board Working Agreement
pdf file Operating Agreement