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School Information Documentation

Folder Board Calendar (5 Files)
pdf file 20-21 Board Calendar
pdf file 19-20 Board Calendar
pdf file 18-19 Revised Board Calendar
pdf file 18-19 Board Calendar
pdf file 17-18 Board Calendar
Folder Board Members (3 Files)
pdf file 19-20 Board Members
pdf file 18-19 Board Members
pdf file 17-18 Board Members
Folder Board Member/Budget Committee Application (3 Files)
pdf file Board Member Application
pdf file Board Member Info Pamphlet
pdf file Budget Committee Application
Folder Board/Superintendent Operating Agreement (2 Files)
pdf file 18-19 Supt/Board Working Agreement
pdf file Operating Agreement
Folder Clatskanie Education Association Union Contract (4 Files)
pdf file 21-22 CEA Contract
pdf file 2019-2020 Updated CEA Contract
pdf file 2019-2020 CEA Contract
pdf file 2017-2019 CEA Contract
Folder CSD Adopted Budget (3 Files)
pdf file 19-20 CSD Adopted Budget
pdf file 18-19 CSD Adopted Budget
pdf file 16-17 CSD ADOPTED BUDGET
Folder District Calendar (6 Files)
pdf file 21-22 District Calendar
pdf file 20-21 Updated District Calendar
pdf file 20-21 School Calendar
pdf file 19-20 School Calendar
pdf file 18-19 School Calendar
pdf file 17-18 School Calendar
Folder Division 22 Standards (2 Files)
pdf file 19-20 Division 22 Report
pdf file 18-19 Division 22 Report
Folder Parent Notice Right to Request Teacher Qualifications (1 Files)
pdf file 2017_2018_Annual_Parent_Notice_Right_to_Request_Teacher_Qualifications.pdf
Folder Public Comment Form (1 Files)
pdf file Public Comment Form
Folder Oregon School Employee Association Contract (2 Files)
pdf file 2019-2021 OSEA Contract
pdf file 2016-2019 OSEA Contract